TV Series Live
Overlook Events is proud to announce the very first concert entirely dedicated to the best television shows performed by a complete philharmonic orchestra on exclusive, newly and fully-orchestred scores! This original production, conceived by Overlook Events, features music from GAME OF THRONES, SHERLOCK, LOST, STARGATE, DOCTOR WHO, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, WESTWORLD, THE WALKING DEAD and others! 
Among the music from the most acclaimed TV shows, special guests, especially actors, are on stage to give anecdotes from the production and do signing session with the audience!

Paris, France
World Premiere – Grand Rex
June 3rd, 2017
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Lausanne, Switzerland
Theatre de Beaulieu
November 3rd, 2018
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Production Credits
Creators & Producers: Yoann Berger, Romain Dasnoy, Cédric Littardi
Concept, Setlist & Music Direction: Romain Dasnoy
Editings, Mapping, Technical Direction: Yoann Berger
Poster Design & Animation: Gilles Pointeau
Booking Management: Overlook Events SAS
Management Territory: Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East, Asia.
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