Guest of Honor

Performed By

Michael Jackson
Pop-Symphonic Tribute

Overlook Events, specializing in major symphony concerts, is pleased to offer this exceptional event to celebrate the world music icon, Michael Jackson.

In more than four decades of career, from The Jackson 5 with his family until his death in 2009, Michael Jackson left his mark with an extraordinary charisma, a singular voice and a unique stage presence. Through ten canonical albums, including Off the Wall, Bad and Invincible, and memorable music clips for several generations such as Thriller, Smooth Criminal and Black or White, the “King of Pop” is without a doubt the greatest artist of our times.

The Symphonic Pop Tribute to Michael Jackson is an original creation by Overlook Events. Designed with a team of specialized arrangers working on large-scale symphony concerts, the musical ambition is to offer an extraordinary quality of orchestration, performed by a philharmonic orchestra accompanied by a pop-rock rhythm section for a exceptional hybrid experience!

Got to Be There, Ben, Rock with You, Off the Wall, Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, Human Nature, Bad, Liberian Girl, Smooth Criminal, Heal the World, Dangerous, They Don’t Care About Us, Earth Song, You Are Not Alone, and many more!

All performed by Fey B on vocals, a key artist on the pop, soul, RnB, funk and gospel scenes, from the historic Orchester Colonne, and with a distinguished guest: Jeffrey Daniel from the group Shalamar, Michael Jackson’s choreographer who popularized the famous moonwalk on American television in the iconic show Soul Train in the 70s, taken up by Michael Jackson in 1983!


Grand Rex, Paris (France)
October 11th, 2024

Amphi 3000, Lyon (France)
October 27th, 2024

Production Credits
Created and Produced
by Overlook Events
Yoann Berger, Romain Dasnoy, Cédric Littardi 

Guest of Honor:
Jeffrey Daniel
Songs performed by:

Fey B
World Premiere Conducted by:
Adrián Ronda Sampayo
World Premiere Performed by:
Orchestre Colonne

Concept, Setlist Design, Artistic Direction:
Romain Dasnoy
Editing, Stage Design, Technical Direction:
Yoann Berger
Additional Orchestrations:
Alexis de Compreignac, Philippe Perrin (Lacroch), Yann Stoffel (Lacroch)
Executive Production:

Jules Petit