Tribute to John Williams
Strikes Back!

For the very first time in Europe, discover this unique symphonic experience featuring the John Williams’ music for the two most acclaimed cinema licences, Harry Potter and Star Wars. Legendary movies for legendary sountracks! After the success of Tribute to John Williams: Music from the Films of Steven Spielberg, Overlook Events is proud to present this tribute concert to John Williams! From the first Star Wars, A New Hope, in 1977 to The Force Awakens in 2015, and also Harry Potter I to III and Superman, Tribute to John Williams: Strikes Back is a unique experience for cinema and music lovers! And for the World Premiere in Paris, two two very special guests of honor: Anthony Daniels from, alias C-3PO, from Star Wars, and Afshan Azad, alias Padma Patil , from Harry Potter!


Paris, France – 2 performances
February 18th, 2017 – Grand Rex
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Production Credits
Creators & Producers: Yoann Berger, Romain Dasnoy, Cédric Littardi
Concept, Setlist & Music Direction: Romain Dasnoy
Editing, Mapping & Technical Direction: Yoann Berger
Editing: Philippe Desfretier & Yoann Berge
Booking Management: Overlook Events SAS
Management Territory: Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East, Asia
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“John Williams” name and program authorized with the courtesy of his legal representative.