January 13th, 2024 · Paris, France


April 28th, 2024 · London, UK



Bandai Namco Entertainment and Overlook Events are pleased to announce the official and immersive ELDEN RING Symphonic Adventure concert tour in Europe, featuring the record-breaking video game phenomenon, FromSoftware’s ELDEN RING, by the creator of the acclaimed game series DARK SOULS.

ELDEN RING was released in 2022 and immediately established itself as one of the most memorable productions of recent years, becoming a video game phenomenon, selling over 20 million copies to date and voted GOTY 2022 at the famous and prestigious Game Awards ceremony.

ELDEN RING Symphonic Adventure offers a beautiful concert experience, with a performance set in the Lands Between. A full philharmonic orchestra and choir bring to life the epic compositions from the FromSoftware sound team, as audience relive the noble quest of the Tarnished to restore balance to the Circle of Eden.

The story of ELDEN RING is therefore at the heart of the concert experience, which offers the chance to live the major stages of the game via 4K montages perfectly synchronized with the orchestra and choir, for an immersive experience of rare precision, accompanied by an original lighting design and sound effects in immersive surround technology.

This unique tour is being developed by Overlook Events, creators of the world-famous Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure, Saint Seiya Symphonic Adventure and Assassin’s Creed Symphonic Adventure, among many other creations. ELDEN RING Symphonic Adventure is developed via the exclusive Symphonic Narrative Experience system created by Overlook Events, which is exported worldwide.

“After the worldwide success of ELDEN RING, our ambition is to expand the franchise further and offer new experiences to our fans. Our key priority is to offer premium events, so we are thrilled to partner with Overlook Events for this concert tour” said Aâdil Tayouga, Director of Licensing & Business Strategy at Bandai Namco Europe. “We can’t wait for the premiere in Paris and hope fans will be delighted by this unique immersive experience.” 

“We’ve been talking for many years about doing a concert based on FromSoftware’s creations, and it’s a huge honour for us to have the chance to use the techniques we’ve perfected over the last few years to produce a concert on a new scale.” said Cédric Littardi, Co-Founder of Overlook Events

Production Credits


From the game created and directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki

Original music composed by Tsukasa Saitoh, Shoi Miyazawa, Tai Tomisawa, Yuka Kitamura and Yoshimi Kudo

Creators & Producers: Yoann Berger, Romain Dasnoy, Cédric Littardi
Concept, Setlist, Storytelling & Music Direction: Romain Dasnoy
Editing, Mapping, Storytelling & Technical Direction: Yoann Berger
Setlist, Storytelling: Jean de Roubin
Capture Artist: Guillaume Peronnin

Music Supervision: Philippe Perrin (Lacroch), Yann Stoffel (Lacroch)
Music Adaptation: Philippe Perrin (Lacroch), Yann Stoffel (Lacroch), Arthur Ouvrard, Kolia Chabanier, Raphal Hinojosa, Julien Giraudet, Alexis de Compreignac
Conducted by: Adrián Ronda Sampayo
World Premiere Performed by: Orchestre & Chœur Colonne

Booking Management: Overlook Events SAS

©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. / ©2023 FromSoftware, Inc.