The french public knows him from the Voice, but who is he? He’s a boy who left his working-class neighborhood to study, and thanks to his incredible voice, travelled around the world, falling in love with all the cultures he encountered. His “universal passport” was his joy, his communicative optimism and his touching voice.

In 2000, he founded the group M’Source with other artists. His soft and unique voice became along with that of his brother Akram a trademark for the group. They wrote and sang the songs of a modern and spiritual project, they created melodies from all horizons pulsed by rhythms of the world, and were among the first to enter the genre of “World electro”.

After two albums released with the group M’Source, Atef continued on his path and it was in 2005 that he made the decisive encounter with a patron in Monaco. It allowed him to settle in London for a few years during which he worked on new and worked with British song writers, he performed in several countries and crossed paths with leading artists such as Nile Rodgers, Dallas Austin, and Elton John. All charmed by his unique voice!

Enriched by these encounters and journeys, Atef returned to France for more concerts in his homeland. Spotted by the producers of “The Voice”, he went through the first edition in 2012.When more than 12 million people discovered Atef and his crystalline voice, he was immediately nicknamed “Angel Voice”. He touched the very soul of millions. Therefore Mercury (Universal), as they spotted his talent decided to produce in 2014 his first solo album “Perfect Stranger”. In the fall of 2021, it was with the second single “Ils s’aiment” (Daniel Lavoie) that Atef made the coaches turn around as well as the millions of people who watched The Voice All Stars, the anniversary edition. 


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Torpedo by Overlook Events


Paris, France @ Pan Piper
May 6th, 2022
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Toulon, France @ Omega Live
May 20th, 2022
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Lyon, France @ Salle Molière
June 4th, 2022
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